Mosaics were introduced in India by the Mughals and we have brought their interest in the contemporary period. They are widely used to embellish floors and furniture. Semi precious stones like agate, quartz, marbles, are used to create pictures or mosaics patterns. We can supply mosaics in cut form or in whole slabs according to the requirement of our clients.

Roman Mosaic Stone
Code : MO-01

Italian Mosaic
Code : MO-02

Twist Mosaic
Code : MO-03

Diamond Mosaic
Code : MO-04

Designer Mosaic
Code : MO-05

Decorative Mosaic
Code : MO-06


Mosaic Stone Floor
: MO-07

Hexagon Mosaic
Code : MO-08

Italian Mosaic Flooring
Code : MO-09