Slate stone procured from North India is impermeable, hard, close in texture, quick drying, frost resistant, fine grained and fissile. It can be split into thin layers very easily. This is a special property that make it suitable for various constriction needs. As a matter of fact that it is brittle and thus, needs to be handled carefully. A very exclusive stone indeed. Indian exporter of polished slate wall tiles and slate flooring tiles.

Copper Slate
: SL-01

Deoli Green Slate
Code : SL-02

Kund Multi Slate
Code : SL-03

Speckle Brown Slate
Code : SL-04

Peacock Slate
Code : SL-05

Jack Black Slate
Code : SL-06

Zerra Green Slate
Code : SL-07

Silver Grey Slate
Code : SL-08

Silver Shine Slate
Code : SL-09

Himachal White Slate
Code : SL-10

Ocean Green Slate
Code : SL-11

Ocean Green Slate
Code : SL-11